Since 1950 we design and produce wristwatches.
We call our watches Schönstundenanzeiger, belonging to the wish, it might show you only wonderful hours in your lifetime! A Leumas is always a piece of high-quality design and craftsmanship for a long time.

May your Leumas only show you nice hours!

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City Watch not only a watch!

Your city always on your wrist!
Our Schönstundenanzeiger are durable and sustainable!

Even for your City, your island, your area, your river!

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Your city is a jewellery!

Even for your city we have the matching jewelry pendant and keychain, made of stainless steel! 100% made in Germany!

Your city depends on you!

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To avoid waste,♻️ we pack your order up to 99% with already used packing materials.

We want to give a second life to all the packings, that reaches us. We even use cartons and newspapers from our neighbours and friends.